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[omen] selamat tahun baru 2019
[arizal] duerrrrr ....duorrrr....
[inem] duaarrrrrrr....

Shout (Lvl 5 up)
!shout [text]

Strike other user (Lvl 9 up in same room)
!st [username]

!strike [username]

Attack monster (F-land)
!st [monstername]
!attack [monstername>]
!a [monstername]

Self Config chatroom auto refresh
!refresh [on/off]

Buy Equip
!buy [sword/armor] [name] [quantity]

Sell Equip
!sell [sword/armor] [name] [quantity]

Show equip inventory

Show current equipment

Use equipment
!equip [sword/armor] [name]

Unuse current equipment
!unequip [sword/armor] [name]

Give equip to other user
!give [sword/armor] [quantity]

Gaining MP/HP (Eat food)
!eat [food_type] [quantity]

Looking for user status
!look [username]

Seeking for user status
!seek [username]

Detecting user position
!det [username]

Self status check

Transfer gold to other user (Variable cost applied)
!tg [username] [quantity]
!transfergold [username] [quantity]

Set nick display (lost power, gold and exp for this action
!display [nick_display]

Privat Chat [pv]
@username text

Privat Shout [IM]
#username text

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